Apparently, this Chico, CA, man has a loose definition of “common sense.” After discovering that his backyard was being infested with cobwebs, Eiliya Maida took a blowtorch to the spiders and their webs, though in the process he set fire to nearby weeds and household equipment, which allowed the fire to spread to his home. Maida did not even realize his house was on fire until his brother-in-law noticed the billowing smoke.

Firefighters were able to put down the flames in short time, though not before the fire could do roughly $25,000 in damages to his home. Fire Division Chief Keith Carter said that it was the first time he has heard of someone using a blowtorch to destroy cobwebs.

In Maida’s defense, if there was a threat of spiders invading your home, your first instinct would probably be to grab the blowtorch, too.   

[via The Huffington Post]