Outspoken Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe took to his blog today to answer a question tweeted by a fan: "I was rather depressed to read somewhere that you said this could be the last TM game made. Why do you feel that way?"

Jaffe pointed out that he no longer works at Sony and that the most recent Twisted Metal fell in the realm somewhere between a dud and a hit, so he's not sure whether the company has more plans for the series. More importantly, though, he admitted that he's open to returning to the land of Sweet Tooth one day.

"I HOPE Sony makes a new TM one day," Jaffe wrote. "Heck, once we get the new studio launched and we've brought some new IPs to the world that folks enjoy, I can see myself dying to go back and do a new TM w/the new studio and with Sony. But for now, I really want to do new things. But one day, sure, I'd love to return to straight up car combat. But I'd want to do it super small and all digital."

He said a Twisted Metal game under his new vision would include five or six vehicles, two levels that can be broken up into more separate maps, three modes (team, free-for-all, and something new), eight weapons, a short campaign with an end boss, and quick stories for each of the characters. In other words, he wrote, "[Twisted Metal 2] but with darker visuals."

He added that free-to-play, a model he's been toying with lately for his new studio's games, would be a possibility, though "it would not be pay to win. It would not be micro transaction based." He's even considered the possibility of a film, an adventure game or a digital graphic novel.

"But right now," he wrote, "I'm happily exploring new universes and am excited to report back my findings and the findings of my new team to the world when the time is right!"

Are you excited to see what Jaffe's new studio produces next? Or would you rather he keep concentrating on Twisted Metal? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

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