Realizing people were clamoring for an easier way to purchase data for their iPhone and iPad, U.S. wireless companies are finally allowing subscribers to buy bulks of of data that they can share among all of their gadgets. Verizon was first out of the gate with its Share Everything plans. Now AT&T is following suit with Mobile Share: a series of plans that allow subscribers to use their allotted gigabytes with up to 10 devices. 

Here's how it works: For whatever plan you choose (see the chart in image 2), you pay a flat monthly rate and a surcharge for each device you add to the plan. Plans range from 1 GB a month for $40 to 20 GB a month for $200. AT&T is charging $10 per tablet, $20 per hotspot, and up to $45 for each smartphone. 

[via Verge]