Both Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures are in competition with each other over the movie rights to Ubisoft's video game series, Splinter Cell, according to Deadline. Over the last few weeks, Warner Bros. had been in command of these talks with Ubisoft, but more recently, Paramount has emerged as the frontrunner to turn the game franchise into a film.

The series revolves around a covert spy named Sam Fisher, who travels the globe stopping potential worldwide conflicts from the shadows. The game series has sold over 20 million copies over the span of six installments, with a seventh one coming out in 2013. The site is also reporting that Ubisoft will have a big say in how the property is handled once it goes into production, which should come as good news to fans of the games. 

These talks seem like they will be resolved in the very near future, so we'll be sure to update you once they are complete.

[via Deadline