Address: 4417 Main St.

Everyone knows that Kildare's has been running the douche-bar game in Manayunk for a minute now. They should retire pink polos and hang them from the ceiling here. Of course, they'd also need to hang a few kilts, too. Kildare's is another Jekyll and Hyde-type, the quiet dinner atmosphere turning ugly when the neighborhood douches get thirsty. This usually happens by Thursday ("Thirsty Thursday," the kids are calling it). Over the weekend, it transforms into an overcrowded house party, where all the dudes become Mr. Hyde. Also, the bar smells strongly of wood. Like, shop class aromas. Imagine a coffin half-full of a gently warmed beer and vomit. Imagine you clawing for space in the other half of that coffin while two dudes fist fight over a girl whose friends have already shuttled her away (said dudes were too twisted to notice). Throw a Kildare's sign over this travesty and we're set. That's a pretty picture, no Bob Ross.