When the Ultimate Universe was created in 2000, its main objective was to re-imagine the Marvel heroes for the 21st century. Origins were updated, personalities were fleshed-out, and stories were more down to Earth. For a while this line of comics was the best thing happening at the company. Unfortunately, Marvel then decided to destroy the entire universe in a blood bath of a miniseries titled Ultimatum.

Written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by David Finch, this storyline features Magneto shifting the magnetic poles of the Earth in order to cause a series of disasters that destroyed much of the planet's population. Civilians die, heroes die, and readers are forced to watch Loeb unleash this ultra-violent torture porn upon a cherished stable of characters. Cheesy plot points and gruesome character deaths abound here as the whole miniseries revolves around one shocking death after another with little substance in between.

At one point he was the best writer in the industry, so it completely shocked everyone when Loeb came out with this. We’re all for a little gore in our comics, but the non-stop barrage of cannibalism and decapitations simply became too much to bear after a while.