A job listing on Time Warner's website points to HBO Go heading to Nintendo's consoles, possibly including the 3DS and almost definitely including the Wii U. That means HBO subscribers will be able to watch the company's exclusive content whenever they want, just like they can on PC and Xbox 360.

The listing asks for an HBO Partner manager to be "responsible for the day-to-day relationship and ongoing marketing activities with several key Mobile, Tablet, Connected TV and Game Console digital partners for HBO GO and MAX GO." It lists Nintendo as one of those partners, alongside Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Roku, and "any new partners that will launch HBO/MAX GO in the future".

Only Nintendo doesn't HBO Go on any of its devices yet. We might be in for an announcement at E3.

Are you satisfied with the ways HBO is bringing its exclusive content (Game of Thrones for life) to different customers? Could this affecet your decision to buy a Wii U? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Joystiq]