While mention of a drive-by squirting will take your mind straight to the gutter, one such incident has four people from Pennsylvania in trouble with the law. Gloria Sloan-Mallory told police that four people—Andrew Ayers, 18, Carli Malley, 18, Victoria Greco, 19, and Paul Fee, 24—drove past her and her younger brother and doused them with a “strong smelling liquid” from water guns. Turns out that liquid was chlorinated water.

Sloan Mallory wrote down the getaway vehicle’s license plate number, and presented it to police. Let the record also show that the group fled in a Chevy Aveo—that ain’t gangsta.

Police approached Malley, the driver (pictured above), and the other three at Greco’s parent’s home. All four admitted to the watery, slow creep, and though they weren’t arrested, they were charged with disorderly conduct and harassment. Greco’s parents were also charged for yelling at officers.

You can skeet, skeet, skeet—water gun all you like, but it might land your ass in court.

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[via The Huffington Post and The Smoking Gun]