Do PCs still have Minesweeper? (I have a Mac, so I wouldn't know.) I really hope they do, because the game has always been one of the top five reasons to own a Windows-based computer. 

If I'm correct in assuming that the last mine was discovered long ago, then Connect Design has done the world a great service by bringing the game back to us, creating IRL minesweeper postcards.

The new, intensely nostalgic adaptation of Minesweeper plays like just like original, except that you scratch off grey tiles instead of clicking on them. There are easy (80 squares) and hard (120 squares) difficulties, plus the cards come with flag stickers to cover your bomb-marking needs.

There is one downside - Unlike the computer game, you can scratch a bomb on the first try and effectively burn a card before you even get a chance to play. Fortunately they're only $2 per card, $3.50 if you buy one of each difficulty. 

If you've been missing Minesweeper then these cards are right up your alley. Better yet, if you have a friend who loves the game, you will absolutely make their day with one of these... And if I'm wrong and Minesweeper still comes installed on every single Windows-based PC?

Well, they're still pretty cool postcards.

[From Connect Design via Technobob]