Like most college kids, 19-year-old University of Iowa student Steven J. Fiorella just wanted to get drunk. So, he decided to get a fake I.D. - also like most college kids. It's a plan that's tried and true, and it probably would have been fine for Fiorella had he not attempted to use the I.D. to enter a bar that, coincidentally, had the I.D.'s actual owner as the bouncer.

The bouncer called the cops upon seeing that some punk-ass kid was trying to get into the bar using his own stolen I.D. card. After cops arrived, they also found the bouncer's debit and AAA cards on Fiorella, who claimed that he'd "bought them" for $20 at a party. 

Now he faces fifth-degree theft and unlawful use of another's I.D. card. Yeah, he should have just gone with McLovin'.

[via Gawker]