It's a welcome change of pace when a new movie comes along and brings an air of mystery with it. In a world where spoiler-filled trailers, clips, and plot leaks are the norm, Paul Thomas Anderson's latest flick, The Master, is still a complete enigma to us. We know that it stars Philip Seymour Hoffman as an L. Ron Hubbard-esque cult leader and Joaquin Phoenix as a troubled soldier, but that's about all that has been revealed thus far.

Now that the debut trailer for The Master has hit the net, you would think things would become clearer; instead, we're just left with more questions. In this new footage, we're given a look at an extended scene that shines some light on Phoenix's fragile mental state and his bizarre actions during what looks to be WWII. His performance here is simply mesmerizing as he manages to carry this entire teaser without us even knowing what's going on. It's understated and brilliant, which is something modern trailers often aren't. 

If the teaser trailer for this movie features this kind of performance, we can't wait to see what Phoenix and Hoffman have in store for the final product. With its allusions to Scientology and the inner workings of a cult, The Master could be one of the most explosive and controversial movies to hit theaters in a long time, and this trailer does an excellent job of setting the table.

The Master will hit theaters on October 12.  

[via Cinema Blend