It's a tough thing to go through, you know; You get your burger after a long few minutes of waiting, and prepare to dig in, only to find that whoever made it decided it would be hilarious to skimp on the onions. So, yeah, we sympathize with these guys because that's what happened to them - it's not a pleasant situation. However, instead of keeping their dignities intact and just going back to the McDonald's location where they ordered their burgers from to ask for more onions, they thought it would be a better idea to go back to the McDonald's location where they ordered their burgers from to throw bricks through the windows in retaliation.

The two men, 23-year-old Sean Mosey and 21-year-old Christopher Slate were so angry that with a Tennessee McDonald's location "because their cheeseburgers had been messed up," that they drunkenly went back to the store hours after purchasing their onion-lite cheeseburgers to toss bricks through the window of the establishment. Two employees sustained injuries, though they were minor. 

The men were arrested - Mosey at the scene, because he fell on his face at some point during the crime and was too drunk to get up, and Slate at home because clearly his friend not being able to pick himself up off the ground wasn't enough to keep him from fleeing. Best friends forever.

Both were charged with vandalism and felony reckless endangerment, and, additionally, Mosey was charged with public intoxication.

[via Huffington Post]

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