Director: Frederic Jardin
Stars: Tomer Sisley, Serge Riaboukine, Julien Boisselier, Joey Starr, Laurent Stocker, Birol Unel

The best action movies hit the ground running and never stop for air, which describes French filmmaker Frederic Jardin’s Sleepless Night, a breathless and hard-edged adrenaline rush cut from Die Hard’s narrative cloth. A dynamite performance from leading man Tomer Sisley drives the mostly single-location flick, about a dirty cop (Sisley) trying to maneuver around both his fellow officers and drug-pushing criminals while also attempting to rescue his kidnapped son inside a wall-to-wall-packed nightclub.

With several super-charged fight scenes and uniquely staged chases, Sleepless Night is visually potent, yet its Jardin’s twisty script that ultimately powers the film to an elite action film status. Don’t be surprised if Hollywood tosses Jardin a big-budgeted job in the near future. Hopefully not one starring Mark Wahlberg, though.