Director: Chris Sullivan
Stars:Robert Levy, Nancy Andrews, Chris Sullivan, Chris Harris, Judith Rafael, Mary Lou Zelazny

To complete the truly one-of-a-kind animated oddity Consuming Spirits, filmmaker Chris Sullivan dedicated 15 years of his life; once you see the film (hopefully sometime this year, fingers crossed), you’ll want to shake the man’s hand and salute his perseverance. Consuming Spirits was conceived through a mish-mash of unconventional animation tactics that, when seen as a somber, haunting 130-minute package, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Sullivan’s poignant tale of a small rust belt community’s inner workings captivates with the force and long-form development of a great American novel, only, here, the images in Consuming Spirits are potent enough to match even the most imaginative reader’s in-the-mind visual manifestations. At times, Consuming Spirits looks like the drawings of a madman who's proficient with colored pencils; through it all, though, Sullivan's methodical storytelling and his daringness to hinge an animated movie around, of all things, a nun getting run over by a school bus keep the overall narrative grounded in a haunting sense of pathos.