It seemed like the Avengers were involved in a war nearly every month back in the ‘70s, but writer Steve Englehart’s Avengers/Defenders War still ranks among the best. The premise of the book sees both teams being tricked by Loki and Dormammu to collect the pieces of the Evil Eye, a device that could destroy the universe for either man. The pieces are scattered across the globe, and as each Avenger and Defender splits up to find them, they're individually met by a member of the other team, which, of course, leads to some titanic brawls.

Eventually the teams work together to take down a common threat, but not before we see some classic beat-downs; just thinking of that Hulk/Thor battle gets us giddy. Turn off your brain and enjoy this one because it’s a pure comic book spectacle as the two super groups clash like Spandex-draped Gods.