Shock G, excuse us—“Humpty Hump”—famously rapped that he “once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.” These kids came so close to realizing those words, except they took their sexual escapades to the bathroom of a New York McDonald’s.

After the Mickey D's manager makes a disturbing scene, pounding on the door, shouting, threatening  to call the police, the couple finally emerges, providing their audience with an unexpected sight: homie exits sans sneakers and shirt.

High school students don’t always have the resources to get it poppin’ in complete comfort, but you don’t need to take your shirt and shoes off for a quickie, dude. Then again, it clearly wasn’t a quickie, because they were apparently in there for an hour. Ah, to be young, wild and free. And gross.

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[via WorldStarHipHop]

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