Buying a game at a physical retailer like Gamestop no longer means heading home with a physical product, unless you count a piece of cardboard or slip of paper with a download code written on it. Gamestop has said they're ramping up in-store sales of downloadable PC games, with over 1,500 digital games (up from the 1,200 available last year) for sale in Gamestop stores across the country.

You buy the code, then head home and enter it in online to download the game you've purchased. It's nothing new for gamers, but Gamestop is happy to have a way to sell PC games without using up limited shelf space, the retailer said.

One of the advantages of continuing to go through Gamestop to purchase titles you could easily get on your computer from home is that you can trade in games and use the credit toward the purchase of download codes, something that's impossible on a digital store like Steam.

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