If you're an iPhone gamer, there's a good chance you've heard of Tiny Tower, the incredibly addictive time management game where you run an ever-expanding apartment complex. I figured you've heard of it, not just because it's a good game, but since, at ten million downloads, it's among iOS' most successful games.

Developer Nimblebit let Touch Arcade take a look at their next project, another time management game called Pocket Planes. Pocket Planes will once again put task you with helping the little Bitizens. Instead of managing a tower, though, players will be put in charge of running an airline.

Though they look very similar, Pocket Planes is not Tiny Tower 2: It's a much more complicated endeavor. Players will have to maintain a fleet of planes while figuring out the most efficient route to bring people and cargo from one city to another. See, it costs money to fly, so players will need to balance keeping customers happy and making their flights cost-effective.

As players get their bearings and their airlines grow, they'll be able to purchase access to more airports, which will bring in more customers and new, possibly more efficient routes. You can keep expanding until you go from a small regional airline to a massive global enterprise.

As with Tiny Tower, the game will be free, with the option to purchase "plane bux" (working title) that will allow them to buy new planes and other improvements. Nimblebit said that, as with Tiny Tower, there won't be any content that cannot be eventually accessed for free.

Nimblebit made it very clear that game is still in the early stages of development and every aspect of the game is subject to change. Pocket Planes is currently on track to be released on iOS some time this summer.

If you want a more in-depth look at Pocket Planes, you should check out Touch Arcade's preview.

[Via Touch Arcade]