Remember the License Plate Game you used to play as a kid, watching out for foreign plates on passing cars during lengthy, otherwise mind-numbing road trips? You got to punch someone in the arm if you saw one from a different state, while a different country's plate meant you could bang another passenger's sister. That's how we played it at least.

With jrbapps's new iOS game pl8s, you can keep track digitally of just how many plates you've spotted. Even better, it's got a scoring system that assigns each state 1-3 points based on plate rarity and your current distance from that state.

And best of all, you get a fun new fact every time you spot a new plate. Dead serious, we're already downloading this. Do you have fond memories of the License Plate Game as well, or were you the kid who always forgot to pay attention and got punched in the arm/your sister banged? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.