It's a common stereotype that gamers are obsessed with adult films so why wouldn't a producer rub out a feature that speaks to that audience? Today, Exquisite Films released Tomb Raider XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody starring Chanel Preston as Lara Croft. We spoke about her living up to the legendary video game sex symbol's namesake and her own roots as a gamer.

How did you get the role of Lara Croft?
I had heard that the company that was shooting a while before when the were planning on it. I thought to myself, "oh my gosh i want to play that role" but i wound up forgetting about it. I think they already had a list of girls that they were thinking of playing Lara but I think I showed enough interest and they chose me. It's an awesome role to play obviously. Lara is a very strong, kick-ass woman. Who wouldn't want to play that?

Were you familiar with Tomb Raider before the role?
I was but I can't say that I played it. I'm very familiar with Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider game though.

How did you get yourself into the Lara Croft mindset? Did you get tips from a resident nerd?
No, usually in our industry you kind of just throw yourself into it. My biggest thing was really just getting her accent down. It's not a very strong accent but it's a bit of an English one. I had to be aware of how she sounded and not so much her personality.

How were you able to keep a straight face while mimicking her accent during the scenes?
It was a really subtle accent, nothing really strong. I don't think people hardly even noticed. Lara wasn't the weirdest character I've ever had to play so it was pretty easy.

Please explain, what was weirder?
I played an Avatar character. I had to be the queen and it was hard keeping a straight face for that.

Did you have to stay in-character during your scenes?
It's kind of weird because sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. Because Lara Croft's personality isn't so crazy, I can't say that I completely stayed in-character and kept an English accent throughout the whole thing. What's really tricky is having sex as an entirely different personality than yourself. I looked liked her and acted like her so I guess I wouldn't be too far off from the truth.

Are there any scenes that stood out to you while you were filming?
The camera guy is a big time rock climber so he asked me to do it. I'm capable but the only thing was that I had a costume on while doing it. That was kind of challenging and humorous at the same time. It was me rock climbing with guns on and boots. It wasn't easy but he made do it and I had a good time.

There was also the time I had a fight choreographer come on set and help me with a couple of my fights--which i had never done before--that was a lot of fun. I had to "fight" Lee Stone who is a really big guy. During the fight we had to move in slow motion and he kept asking why I was going so fast and I told him, "I'm actually afraid of you!" We were really getting into it and I was so afraid that he was really going to hit me and knock me out because he's so big. I really thought i had to defend myself.

I saw some of the rock climbing pictures from the shoot and you were wearing next to nothing. How long ago did you shoot?

Since you've done the film, have you become curious to actually play the game?
I have a hard time getting into games unless there some kind of physical activity. I'll play something on Kinect or Wii where I'm dancing or moving a lot but I can't really get into games where you just sit down and play. When I was younger I did but not so much now.

What did you play when you were younger?
I was all about Super Mario Bros. I had an NES, a Super NES and a Dreamcast. Then my sister took over, she was into it more than me. She would be into Final Fantasy but I din't really get into those types of games like that. I watch them a lot of times because I can get into the story lines so I'd watch her play.

You've expanded your cult following to a broader fan base of geeks that now worship you. How does that feel?
Actually, the first superhero character I played was Wonder Woman and I thought that it was pretty smart since I'm opening up to a different fan base. Initially, when i started doing these characters that's what i was thinking of. It's actually a lot of fun; I love doing interviews with comic book fans, I'm really glad that I have them.

You haven't completely sworn off gaming right?
No, even though I don't have a console anymore if I was at a friend's house and they asked me to play, i certainly would.

If there where to be a video game made about you, what would it be like?
Oh my god, I think it would be very aggressive. It would be like, Adventure Chanel. I'd go on all these crazy adventures. I'd be able to fly and bounce all throughout the universe.

So it would be a space game?
Yeah, and I'd have laser guns!