It's not quite like anything out of Breaking Bad, but it's pretty close: A meth lab hidden in the room of a patient at an Ohio nursing home exploded this past weekend, after what officials say was an attempt at a "shake-and-bake" gone wrong. The blast killed one and injured six others.

Yeah, Walter White would have been more careful.

The fire began in a second floor room of the Park Haven Nursing Home in Ashtabula, Ohio. Staff quickly rushed to save the nursing home's nearly three dozen elderly and disabled patients, one nurse, 28-year-old Kristi Hance, even running back in the smoke-filled building multiple times to assist in rescue despite the fact that she's pregnant.

Ashtabula fire chief Ron Pristera told a local news station that firefighters found evidence of a "shake-and-bake" style meth lab in the room where the blaze began. That specific method of making the drug is said to be fast, as it involves mixing the ingredients in a plastic bottle and shaking them together - hence the name - but more often than not it results in an explosion instead of an illegal drug. 

"It was not something we expected to find," Pristera told reporters. When does one ever expect to find a meth lab in a nursing home?

[via New York Daily News]