Over the past year, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has been in court with Hotfile, hoping to see it go the way of Megaupload. The MPAA recently requested a summary judgment (a court order with no trial), and now, Google has stepped in to basically say the MPAA’s been making shit up as they go along.

Google filed what’s officially known as an Amicus brief, relevant information from a third-party that would’ve otherwise gone unheard. The search giant cited their own past case with Viacom, which they won due to Safe Harbor provisions—the point of the MPAA’s attacks. Under the statutes, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects sites that immediately take down infringing content.

“Google is particularly concerned by some of the arguments offered by the plaintiffs, which distort the meaning of the [Safe Harbor] statute and, if accepted, would unduly narrow the important protections those provisions give online service providers,” wrote Google.

[via Gizmodo]