If magazine covers were baseball cards, and you were admiring your Complex stacks, which would you trade? Certainly not the Hall-of-Famers (Wayne, Eminem, 'Ye). Maybe the hot prospects who flamed out in the big leagues (Chianese, Cuthbert, McLovin)? Nah, they've got sentimental value. And there's no way you'd part with those diamonds in the rough you spotted before everyone else (Cudi, Drake, Rocky). Each cover is special, and taken together, they form a map of a crazy decade.

What might have been popping in the spring of 2003 (Ludacris and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.!) can go flat soon after. But then again, some stars just keep rising. (The flip side of that spring '03 issue? Beyoncé.) Sometimes the rise begins here—as when we blessed Kim Kardashian with her first magazine cover. But Complex covers aren't just about celebrities. They're works of art—especially when created in collaboration with noted artists like KAWS, REAS, and José Parlá.

The faces below the logos change with the rhythms of the game, but for 10 years now, we've seen a diverse array of talented men and women staring down from newsstands (or with our digital covers, from your computer screen). You might assume that the mag enshrining a statuesque Beyoncé (who came back for a second cover last year) couldn't be the same one to show Aziz Ansari playing with paint—but the truth is more complex than that. Keep flipping the script.

Click through the gallery to see every Complex cover ever...

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