A rogue tweet from a third-party developer earlier today has confirmed rumors that Microsoft has been internally referring to the next Xbox as "Durango".

Kotaku recently reported that Microsoft was using "Durango" as the codename for the next Xbox. Fast forward to today, Crytek developer Sean Tracy tweeted earlier today about a "Durango summit" in London:

"Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks," he tweeted.

If Tracy expected anyone to understand what he was talking about, than he inadvertently confirmed that the Xbox 3 is, in fact, being called "Durango" and that Crytek is among the first developers working on games for the console.

Plus, Mr. Tracy's Twitter account was shut down sometime after the tweet.

Crytek's connection to the Durango forces us to ask, what could they possibly be working on? Videogamer.com reported on a rumor last June that Crytek had been secretly developing Timesplitters 4 for the next Xbox.

If Crytek has been working on the title for almost a year, it's possible that the project, whatever it is, will be a next-gen launch title.

[Via NeoGAF]