Netflix's long-awaited foray into original programming has finally arrived. As of today, you can now stream the company's first original series— a fish-out-of-water mobster drama called Lilyhammer.

Lilyhammer stars Steven Van Zandt, most known for previously playing a mobster on HBO's The Sopranos. With its first steps as an original programmer, (it will air the Kevin Spacey vehicle House of Cards later this year) it's no secret the Netflix has largely sought to model itself on HBO.

In a unique approach to programming, however, Neflix has chosen to make all 8 episodes of Lilyhammer's first season available for streaming at once.

The show, about a mobster named Frank who goes into witness protection, takes place in Norway and was produced by Norwegian television. Many of the non Van Zandt characters even speak in subtitled Norwegian. Given that, expectations for Lilyhammer's performance in the States are not particularly high. Expect Netflix to take whatever lessons it learns from this experience and apply them to Cards and its other highly anticipated original series— the fourth season of Arrested Development.