It's a sad world we live in, where poorly written books can become cult hits and eventually break box-office records. Excuse us for being so optimistic, but there's gotta be a better way.

A sadly illustrative fact: Before today, Twilight had a strong hold on the number one spot for most advance ticket sales in Fandango history. And, in more encouraging news, the highly-anticipated film adaption of Suzanne Collins YA thriller series The Hunger Games has now overcame Twilight's record. Fandango claims that first day tickets for the thriller went up for sale they saw the most ticket sales in the history of the company and that, "hundreds of Hunger showtimes are already sold out for the March 23 opening."

Let today go down in history as the day quality triumphed over banality. Sorry, Stephenie Meyer! The reign of the cheesy, child-friendly vampire has officially ended, or at the very least, met its match.

[via Deadline]