Whenever we start to think about Daft Punk, we come to conclusion that they must really be robots under those helmets. How else could they be so awesome all the time? They even made TRON awesome. Now some french artists have made Daft Punk even better—by giving them the chiptune treatment.

For those not in the know, chiptune is music that sounds like it could come out of your Game Boy. The first remix album, "Da Chip Volume 1," came out in 2009; the second, aptly titled "Da Chip Volume 2," is new to 2012. Both are collections of remixes by various different chip artists, and they run the gamut of Daft Punk tracks—from "One More Time" to the Tron Legacy end credits song.

The best part? They're free downloads over at dachip.com. Give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter. Thanks to Destructoid for pointing this one out—now if only we could get Daft Punk to play at our house.