If Comedy Central's lack of hesitancy in renewing Key & Peele is any indication, sketch comedy is alive and well. The relevant comedy series, Comedy Central's most successful launch since 2009, has been picked up for a second, ten episode season.

"Because Key & Peele has been so immediately and universally well received, I was worried if we didn't give the show a quick pick up, people might accuse me of being racist," said Kent Alterman, Comedy Central's head of original programing.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's bold approach to comedy (embracing racial issues and political incorrectness rather than side-stepping it) has proven successful for the duo, who pulled in 3.3 men in the coveted 18-24 bracket.

Which goes to show, inappropriate yet accurate social assessments never fail to capture an audience.

[via TV By The Numbers]