I honestly didn't think that Hylian, the ancient language in Skyward Sword was an actual language: the game says that it can't be translated, so I assumed that someone just created some nice symbols and put a text box below that said; "This is what those crazy curvy things mean."

You know what they say about making assumptions...

Apparently Zelda Universe forum-goer Sarinilli has done what I deemed impossible and translated the Hylian alphabet. Here's how it works:

“If you take the alphabet and break it down into four lines, three of 8 and one with the remaining two as so:


then take a look at those signs in Lanayru with the tiiiinnny text, you can see the pattern actually fits.”

Best of all, now that you've seen (and have undoubtedly committed to memory) how to write in Hylian, you can actually use it on your word processor. Sarinelli created a font so you can word process in an ancient video game language all day. It's free, so go nuts! Click here if you want to pick it up.

[Via Zelda Informer]