OJ Simpson fell on black days long ago, and here's more bad news. The Juice is already doing 9 to 33 years in a Nevada prison for going to extreme measures to get some of his memorabilia back, and now his Miami mansion is facing foreclosure. Murphy's Law rears its ugly head once again.

Back in September, JPMorgan Chase filed for foreclosure on OJ's four bedroom, four bathroom Miami home. Simpson took out a $575,000 loan to purchase the place back in 2000, and it's currently being valued at $478,000. He owes the bank almost $725,000, but it's kind of hard to keep up with those payments when you're in the bing.

Simpson's lawyers are working to get the case dismissed, but we don't see too many people being lenient with OJ at this point.

[via USA Today and the Daily Mail]

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