Toddlers & Tiaras may be responsible for showcasing some of the most heinous parents ever to grace the small screen, but they have also unveiled the bundle of charisma and caffeine that is Alana, so we guess we can forgive them.

Alana is a six-year old girl who has confidence and Mountain Dew (code name: Go-Go Juice) running through her veins in equal measure, a combination which sometime make her break out into belly-spins, unflinchingly spout sentences like, "I rocked my Daisy Duke!" and inspires the uncontrollable urge to pull her mother's hair. 

Speaking of her mother, she is a frightening woman whose visage strikes terror into our hearts. How she birthed the bundle of sass and personality that is Alana is beyond us. But, she does have mom to thank for the material for that spot-on Truffle Shuffle impersonation!

[via BestWeekEver