In the parking lot of a Georgia Applebee's on Saturday, an armed Saints fan fired shots at two 49ers fans following San Fran's playoff win over New Orleans. Donald Ayro waited in the parking lot for Chris Middleton and Corey Adams for nearly two hours. Middleton and Adams had been cheering for the 49ers, and Ayro didn't appreciate it.

Ayro shot both men, with one bullet grazing Middleton in the back of the head, and another bullet catching Adams square in the gut.

Here is where Applebee's becomes important.

According to the SF Examiner, doctors told Adams' family that "the food [from Applebee's] buffered the bullet," which "prevent[ed] more serious damage inside his body."

No word on what Applebee's served Adams, but it should certainly be used in upcoming marketing campaigns.

[via SFist]