A Crytek employee may just have inadvertantly let the next generation of Xbox consoles out of the proverbial bag. She claims to have worked on Ryse, a Crytek title originally announced for Kinect, which she classifies as an "X-Box Next Gen" project. From her LinkedIn account, which lists her as a senior level designer at Crytek from January 2011 to July 2011:

"RYSE (X-Box Next Gen) Pushing boundaries of next generation gaming, RYSE is an original AAA IP from Crytek slated to deliver an Epic first-person melee experience in the Roman Empire.
- Designed, created, implemented and scripted numerous game levels using all facets of Sandbox Editor and CryEngine.
- Lead and mentored Jr. Level Designers and Level Designers as well as collaborated with colleagues across multiple disciplines to ensure winning efforts.
- Championed original Game Design for Tablet title exclusive to Crytek and expanding the franchise to include new genre of video game."

This is highly unsubstantiated, Of course. Curiously, she apparently left the company around the time they were adamantly denying any knowledge or possession of Microsoft's next console, following rumors to the contrary.