Jay Grdina, entrepreneur and former spouse to Jenna Jameson, wants to debunk a myth. There is no such thing as a hangover cure, Jay will tell you. What is real, though, is hangover prevention, and this is what the former adult star—he and his ex-wife had their exploits filmed; these sold very well, considering who his ex is—deals in nowadays.

Complex sat down with Jay to learn more about NOHO, the dietary supplement he's pushing hard this holiday season. He also had time to tell us some things about Dennis Rodman we were unaware of.

Complex: How did you get involved with NOHO?
Jay Grdina: The original founders of the company, the ones who came up with the concept and developed the product with one of the top pharmacists in the company, came to me looking for an investment, but I didn’t really have the time; my bandwidth was short. I run a lot of companies. But I knew the perfect company to set them up with, so I told them I’d negotiate the deal. After two weeks of negotiation, they came back, saying they still really wanted to do it with me. At that point, all I knew about the beverage industry was how to consume beverages. But I said all right, and I purchased the company. This was in December of 2010.

What have you done since coming aboard?
I redid the packaging, the branding— everything—then reintroduced it in the marketplace in March. NOHO is distributed at just over 20,000 stores and growing quickly.

Tell me about the specifics of the drink.
It’s hangover prevention. A hangover is a disease—you don’t cure it. Once you have one, you’ve got. You can mask the symptoms, but you still have a hangover. So we prevent you from getting a hangover in the first place.

How does it work?
As you drink, what your body uses to metabolize the alcohol and flush it out of your system, is depleted. Your body eats away at those key components it needs to feel normal, those things that are being eroded by alcohol. What we do is preload your system with those necessary nutrients; we call it preplenishing. We help you stockpile.

But you'll still need a cup of coffee in the morning. 
It’s not sleep in a can, though. If you wake up after only two hours of sleep, you’ll need more sleep. Probably you’ll be tired. But your mind will be clear. You won’t have a headache.

How much should you take?
Take one before you start drinking and one at the end of the night. If you’re drinking over four, five, or six drinks, have another in the middle of the night. All the execs at Red Bull told me they start and end their nights with a NOHO and vodka.

Everyone should know about this before New Year's Eve.
We’re fisting hangovers in the New Year.

Who's the most ridiculous person you've ever drank with?
Dennis Rodman was out of his mind. He would get so drunk that he couldn’t talk. His voice was raspy to begin with and when he was drunk he was impossible to understand. And the other thing he used to do was, you’d be standing next to him and he’d just whip his cock out and start to piss. It didn’t matter if you were talking in a restaurant, in the middle of a dance floor, he’d just pee. Out of control.