What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a question we've all mulled over at some point, or may still be trying to answer. But the good news is, you're not alone. Even well known actors and musicians sometimes suffer from a career identity crisis. One day they're happy to be established and successful in one field, the next they're having a go at another career that oftentimes they are far less suited for. 

Not all actors and musicians are bugging by branching out, though. Donald Glover, star of NBC's Community, who also raps and sings as Childish Gambino, has done what hip-hop hopefuls Joaquin Phoenix and Eddie Murphy were unable to do: put out good music. And, considering that Community is on indefinite hiatus after last night's midseason finale, we're particularly thankful that to have Glover's lyrically polished fourth album (his first studio album), Camp, to hold us over in his acting absence.

And there are others whose multi-tasking ways have proved to be a decent play for yet more entertainment power. We've gathered up the most talented two-timers who have cheated on their first career with successful results. So get inspired, but not too inspired. We don't need any more half-ass rap attempts in our life. These are the people who can do two things you can't do: act and make music! Check your jealousy and peep our definitive list of The 20 Best Actor-Musicians.

Written by Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)

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