10. Rene Linking Up With Wilfredo Gomez

It's easy to dump on Rene Calderon (Luis Guzmán) and his isolated plot lines but, c'mon, dude is so removed from the main plot that sometimes you can't help but groan when the show cuts to him and his goons. Thankfully this year showrunners made the inspired choice to have him link up with the mythical insane skater savant Wilfredo Gomez (Javier Nunez), which led to some of the funniest moments of the season. They also stealthily set the stage for his plotline to dovetail seamlessly with Domingo and Cam's weed dealing, which created some of the most intense moments of the season's end run.

The decision to put Rene in a family-man scenario was also inspired but less successful. Him having a heart-to-heart with Debbie's daughter about her sexuality was nice. Everything else involving Debbie (Andrea Navedo)? Not so much. We would hope to see less of her next year...but she's having his kid. Dammit.