RZA to Join the Cast of Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained"

RZA to Join the Cast of Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained"

RZA is no stranger to Quentin Tarantino's methods, having written the score for both volumes of Kill Bill for their first collabo in 2003, and most recently for his Tarantino-produced, directorial debut The Man With the Iron Fists. And now, Wu-Tang's front man and powerhouse producer has teamed up with the cult-status filmmaker once again for his Spagetti-Western-style slave revenge story, Django Unchained.

According to Variety, RZA will join the jam-packed ranks as "Thaddeus, a violent slave working on a Mississippi plantation."  With a cast that already includes a sizeable amount of star power, including Jamie Foxx as the leading man, Leonardo DiCaprioSamuel L. Jackson, Don Johnson, Anthony LaPaglia and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the sheer volume of talent alone is enough to entice us to by tickets.

And with a new star seemingly added every day, the big question regarding Tarantino's film, which is scheduled for a Christmas 2012 release, has become... who is not going to be in this film?

Only time will tell who evades Tarantino's wide grasp.

[via Variety]

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