Complex: Who is Rayman? What is his mission?

Michel Ancel: Rayman’s motivation is always to have fun! Probably the most important story may be the one you and your friends play out in the game. There will be lots of funny moments and things you will discover along the way.

But as far as the official story goes, there’s no big conspiracy or anything like that.  It’s basically the classic tale of annoying neighbors.  The game kicks off when Rayman, Globox and his Teensy sidekicks are snoring a bit too loudly.  The noise provokes an invasion by their annoyed neighbors in the lower realms of the Glade of Dreams. This upsets Bubble Dreamer--the highly sensitive Supreme Being who dreams Rayman’s world into existence while he sleeps. Bubble Dreamer begins to have bad dreams that threaten to unravel the fabric of the world, making for all kinds of zany trouble.

It’s up to the players to ease Bubble Dreamer’s fears and stop the nightmares with their hilarious and heroic antics. Only then will the Creator dream the Glade in peace once again.