NBA All-Star Jason Terry helped the Dallas Mavericks win their first NBA championship this year. And with the NBA lockout, their reign may last a bit longer. But Terry’s making the most of his free time. He was awarded another championship, although this one was virtual. Terry beat Memphis Grizzlies All-Star Rudy Gay in a Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation competition at Treyarch Studios. Terry and members of the development team engaged in combat on the newest Annihilation multiplayer maps.

A whopping 85 percent of NBA pros are gamers. Terry’s one of the most devoted gamers on the Mavs. He talks about his love of Call of Duty, what game he plays during half-time of NBA games, and why Activision’s franchise is literally a part of his being in this exclusive interview.

Complex: What’s it like to be a champion both in the NBA and in Call of Duty?

Jason Terry: That’s incredible. It’s a childhood dream of mine to be a champion.  Now I’ve won at all levels, and when I say all levels, I mean all levels.  

What are your thoughts on the Call of Duty franchise?

Call of Duty is probably the best war game hands-down that has ever come out.

What’s your strategy when you engage players in Call of Duty multiplayer?

I like to look for some places to duck off into because you never know when you can catch somebody creeping. The other tactic I use is when opponents are already engaged in combat, I’ll creep up from behind and knife them.

What do you think about the Annihilation maps?

Incredible. You know me, I’m (known as) the Jet, and of course my favorite map now is the Hanger. The hanger’s tight.

How would you categorize yourself as a Call of Duty player? 

Well, I’m a silent assassin. It’s not going to show off my kill numbers because I’m more of a team guy, so you can catch me out there. I might be bait sometimes and jump out or I might come in on an assist. That’s my type of play.


I might be bait sometimes and jump out or I might come in on an assist. That’s my type of play.


How much time do you spend playing Call of Duty a day?

The bare minimum is two hours at my house. So we got it set up in every room except for the family room and all my kids play. We have a great time interacting with the kids and family.

Sounds like you’re a hardcore gamer.

Straight up. The best in the business. And I’m telling you right now you can go to any NBA locker room in America and they’ll tell you the Jet is on the runway.

What do you like to play besides Call of Duty?

You know me, I’m Madden, I’m Tiger Woods, I’m (NBA) 2K. I play them all.

How often do you play Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is my game. That’s more relaxing. When I can’t get out and swing it, I even sneak in some play during half-time of games. Don’t tell nobody, but you heard it here first.

As a Seattle native, do you represent the 206 when you play Madden

Oh, yeah, for sure. The Seahawks. People know when you come to play me you better bring your A game. Don’t just look at our roster and think the Seahawks are weak. I’ve got an overall game package.

What do you think about Pete Carroll coaching the Seahawks?

Oh, I love Pete Carroll.  I love his energy, his enthusiasm, his fight and love and joy of the game and the way he gets his players motivated. He’s phenomenal.

What tips do you have for gamers who pick up NBA 2K12?

You might get a souped up Jet on 2K12, baby. Don’t leave him open in the corners or on the wing and you know the pull up is deadly on the play.

Will your player ratings go up now that you’ve won a championship?

They have to go up. I’ve been an 80s player my whole career. I dipped down to 78 last season. I was very disappointed, but going into 2K12I’m going to be pushing that 90s threshold.


...going into 2K12 I’m going to be pushing that 90s threshold.


What game console do you travel with?

I bring the PS3. It’s easier and lighter weight to carry around, but at home I’m definitely on the Xbox 360.

Who else plays games on the Mavs? MVP Dirk Nowitzki?

Dirk likes the other kind of football, (FIFA 12), but Dirk does play and he plays pretty well. He’s a killer on (NBA) 2K. Dirk’s a great guy.