Charlie Day is one of the funniest men alive. So it makes sense that NBC chose him to host this weekend's edition of Saturday Night Live. In fact, we're kinda shocked they didn't think of it sooner.

Have yourself a small taste of what the It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia star brings to the table and peep the promo above, where he is joined by Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Sudeikis. While the promo itself isn't particularly funny, just the sound of Day's squeaky-scratchy voice is more than enough to entertain.

If only Day would give us another faux "Kitten Mittens"-esque infomercial, or a moving musical skit a la Dayman, we would die now. We'd just be that happy.

Day will hit the SNL stage with Maroon Five this Saturday.

[via HuffPost]