Part of your job as a parent is enduring several kids movies that you rather slice off your own face than watch. It comes with having children, so just boss up and take the pain; your kid will thank you for it one day. Hopefully. Sarah Boushey will soon pay for not adhering to this advice.

Back in August, Boushey took her daughter to see The Smurfs at a Daly City, California movie theater. In addition to her daughter, she brought another necessity: a bottle of vodka. After drinking her way through the movie, she crashed her car three times before leaving the parking lot.

When police arrived, Boushey was so washed that she couldn't even tell them her name. Her daughter, still giddy from her movie-going experience, was happy to provide the cops with that info. She also spilled the beans on her mother's obvious intoxication, and the fact that a four-year old can spot a drunkard says a lot about what goes on in that household. Boushey, who's blood-alcohol level was 0.35, was arrested for drunk driving and child endangerment.

She was supposed to appear in San Mateo Superior Court on Wednesday, but was absent.  Now, there's a nice warrant over hanging over her head.

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