Despite the fact that almost every movie seems to be getting the remake treatment recently, we have to admit that this bit of news still took us by surprise. According to Variety, Dry County Entertainment is planning to release an updated version of the campy '80s horror film, Chopping Mall. Director Robert Hall will re-team with his ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 screenwriter, Kevin Bocarde, in an attempt to bring this remake to life.

The original Chopping Mall was about a group of teenagers that became trapped in a shopping mall while battling the building's ruthless robotic security force. Apparently this new version will focus more on supernatural evil, rather than robots and sci-fi. 

Will this one go for the tongue-in-cheek feel of the Roger Corman produced original, or will it follow most remake clichés by trying to be more serious this time around? As of now there is no further information on the project, but we can't imagine a movie titled Chopping Mall will be anything other than campy.

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