Yesterday, Texas governor Rick Perry’s support of the DREAM Act was the hot topic on Fox & Friends. In search of a different opinion on the subject, two gents from Texas A&M’s Texas Aggie Conservative Student Group were invited to share their disapproval.

Here’s a little background on the DREAM Act: first introduced in 2001, the bill grants children illegally brought to the United States before the age of 16 the opportunity to become residents if they finish high school and attend college or be all that they can be in the armed services.

The kids in this video are in opposition to the bill because they don’t believe taxpayers should have to fund the education of anyone who can’t legally work in the United States. Even thought they’d be residents after graduation.

When asked if they knew any individuals in this situation that attend this public university with them, or if they could at the very least offer some sympathy for them, they offered answers that won’t raise eyebrows. Sure, they have sympathy, but they don’t know anyone benefiting from the DREAM Act.

Typical. Check out the Aggie Conservative website and try not to vomit.

[via Gawker]