To add to our laundry list of things-in-life-to-be-afraid-of, we now have this - side effects of medications.

After taking a mixture of drugs prescribed to combat an allergic reaction, Vietnamese woman Nguyen Thi Phuong was left with a condition that caused her skin to wrinkle and appear as if she'd aged about 50 a matter of days.

Phuong was 23 when she developed the condition - and now, at 26, doctors still don't really know what exactly caused the rare reaction. It's being speculated that she may have mastocytosis, which is pretty much the presence of too many mast cells. The condition would need to be confirmed before treatment begins, but if she does have that, there's the possibility that 50 to 70 percent of her skin could be restored to its rightful state.

[Via Huffington Post]