First Appeared: Bible
Founding Father: Satan
Notable Residents: Judas, Cain, Julius Caesar

Why is Hell so much more interesting than Heaven? Heaven, where everything is fine, seems so boring in comparison. But Hell, the place of endless inventive suffering seems so full of life (what makes you feel more alive than pain and suffering?). After all, it was devised by a consumate schemer whose cunning and charm traps so many within his walls. It is worth mentioning that Dante wrote a trilogy about the three kingdoms (heaven, hell, and purgatory) but only one gets mentioned throughout literature, translated over and over again, and tattooed all over brooding people's flesh. And also, every good reader knows that in Milton's Paradise Lost, the most interesting character is Satan, not God.

Image: Dulle Griet (Mad Meg), Pieter Bruegle the Elder