We knew if would be only a matter of time before Steve Jobs, the recently passed Apple co-founder and creative visionary, would get a movie dedicated to honoring his genius, but in this case, Hollywood truly struck before the iron had a chance to cool. 

A mere two days after Jobs' tragic death, Deadline has reported that Sony has already made a $1 million offer (which would increase to $3 million if and when the movie is prodcued) for the rights to Steve Jobs' authorized biography, written by Time Magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson.

Isaacson's book, to be published by Simon & Schuster, just moved up its release date a month early to October 24, a smart move considering the number of people (including ourselves) who are not only  greatly inspired by Jobs' passion and unique sense of creativity, but are hungry for insight into the man behind it all.

Given Sony's rapid turnaround on projects like This Is It, Micheal Jackson's concert film that was in theaters mere months after his death, if the studio does snag the rights to Jobs' biography, his biopic would not be far behind. Which of course raises the question—just who in Hollywood could do Jobs' legacy the justice it undebatably deserves?

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[via Deadline]