Address: 401 West 52nd St.
Best Bet: Pig's Ass Sandwich ($12)

Casellula is a cheese addict's dream. And not just because it has a list of over 40, globally-sourced cheeses, but because it's run by cheese addicts, so you know the humble dairy product is respected here.

What does R-E-S-P-E-C-T mean to Casellula? It means not just having a manager but a "fromanger," a cheese expert who walks you through your choices like he's discussing surgery options. Cheese is serious business, people! It also means having a "cheese and wine bar" label, rather than a "wine and cheese bar." This is not somewhere you come to sip a cabernet and maybe have some cheese. This is somewhere you go to have full-throttle cheese affair and maybe have a glass of wine as an afterthought.

Casellula is a small, nine table restaurant with high ceilings and modern vibe, but with a laid-back, neighborhood feel. With the cheese as the centerpiece of the room, tantalizingly displayed in an oversized glass case, it can be hard to stay focused on conversation, but stay with us here. Move past the cheese (we said MOVE), sit yourself down, and order the Pig's Ass Sandwich ($12). You heard us right: slow cooked pork butt layered with Fiscalini cheddar, homemade B&B pickles, and chipotlé aioli oozing out of a pressed, perfectly crisped panini. This will not only earn you bragging rights for consuming a pig's ass, but also a full stomach. WIN.

Two other stellar options are the Mac and Cheese, which is made with creamy Foi Epi, Comté, and chèvre cheeses and lardons (pork belly bacon) with caramelized onions waiting like buried treasure at the bottom; and the Pomegranate Glazed Short Ribs, with its slightly sweet meat that slides off the bone into a fresh and tangy potato salad ($12).

And the best part? All of Casellula's savory plates will satifsy your Saturday Night Fever for fine dining while supporting your wallets need for stayin' alive. You can both thank us now.