How much swag does Jimmy Fallon have these days since becoming an after-hours talk show host? Well, this week, the Late Night host proved that he has the world's attention after starting a global trend which cut right to point: reasons people think they're single. Hilarity ensued as tweets poured in from all over the Internets, resulting in comments that aren't your every-day-corny-and-sappy excuses. Saving the drama for their mama, appropriately, these Twitizens in the video above and our honorable mentions below, have far more imaginative explanations for why they're spending their nights solo dolo.

The idea definitely hit a nerve, as #whyimsingle became a worldwide trending topic in under 30 minutes. Word to Jesse Eisenberg, it seems that Fallon and the baddest band in the land, The Roots, may be taking home an Emmy in 2012. Check out what didn't make the cut on the air and share your thoughts in the comments section below:

  • @MackGnarly: #WhyImSingle - Because females don't want a stoner, they want a gang banger.
  • @iBiebersSwaag: #WhyImSingle - I'm saving myself for @JustinBieber.
  • @AmandaNorthrop - The number of Star Wars shirts I own is greater than the number of dates I've been on. #WhyImSingle
  • @CaptainPltLove: #WhyImSingle - I still find Captain Planet to be the sexiest mantoon ever and I'm 26.
  • @CarolineDevane: I have to play Solitaire with my left hand because my right hand is stuck in a bag of Doritos. #WhyImSingle

[via The Daily Beast/HuffPo]