It’s a fantasy that should be on every man’s bucket list. You’re on a business flight to Anywhere, USA, there’s not an empty seat in coach, and the obese stranger sitting in the middle chair, on your right side, keeps resting his sleepy head on your shoulder. All that’s preventing you from violently meeting the seat in front you forehead-first is the gorgeous stewardess who keeps smiling in your direction; with tight curves and come-hither eyes, she resembles a Victoria’s Secret model playing dress-up in airline worker attire. When it comes time for her to deliver your disgusting, but free, cheese sandwich platter, she also slips in a note, written in lipstick, that reads: “Bathroom…five minutes.”

That, our friends, is how one gets inducted into the "Mile High Club," the frequent flyers’ legend only experienced by a lucky few, yet dreamed about by anyone who racks up the miles. Will ABC’s promising new drama Pan Am touch upon the infamous club? It’s too early to tell, but a failure to do by the end of Season One would be an epic fail on the writers’ parts. Set in 1963, Pan Am (premiering this Sunday at 9 p.m. EST) follows the employees of said airline, led by Christina Ricci, as they cavort, fight, and get into all kinds of intriguing shenanigans.

The model that the show’s producers are hoping to emulate is that of Mad Men, and anyone who watches the AMC staple knows how often Don Draper gets it in, so to speak. So you’d think that the female lookers on Pan Am would, at some point in the series’ debut run, mess around in a plane’s lavatory. If not, we’ll at least have our made-up scenarios to enjoy, the ones where fictional stewardesses both new (i.e., Ricci, who’s looking better than ever) and old supply us with more than just flat soda and salty peanuts.

More specifically, we’re talking about The 15 Hottest Flight Attendants In Movies And TV. By list’s end, you’ll think turbulence is kinky.

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