WHERE: AKWD Pre School
WHEN: September 12, 2011

It was raining small bicycles around 5 p.m. when I pulled up to my son's school. I recall cursing the fact that I was about to get drenched twice, and in turn get him drenched one good time getting back to the car. As I swallowed my complaints and made my way to the door, I see the mom responsible for this cart…Gorton's Fisherman official with the raincoat, boots, and the whole shit…two dry kids in the carriage rubber geared down like mom dukes, umbrella game on smash (hence the dry kids), AND on the Bluetooth, handling biz. Top that off with an umbrella on ice for the kid they're scooping from school and you have my 100,000th enlightening and empowering moment as a parent to date. Rock on, momma.